Sailing ship Averechts ***

Welcome aboard!
Capacity day tours:
50 persons 
Beds:  30
Home port: :
Harlingen (in winter Amsterdam)


Catering possibilities on the Averechts

Here are some options for enjoyable and carefree days while sailing on the Averechts It is our intention to make everyone as happy as possible. Do you have other requests or suggestions,we are looking forward to this.
We wish you a wonderful and delicious cruise!

€ p.p.
coffee/thee (2x) with cake

A coffee or thee with cake

The rest of the day, coffee and tea are free!

coffee/thee (2x) with appelpie

A coffee or thee with appelpie and creme

The rest of the day, coffee and tea are free!


coffiee/thee (2x) with assorted pastery

A coffee or thee with assorted pastery

The rest of the day, coffee and tea are free!



B R E A K F A S T € p.p.
Breakfast buffet

Various kinds of bread, croissants, crackers, biscuits, musesli, cheese and cold cuts meats, boiled and/or cooked egg, jam, chocolade paste, butter, fresh fruit, coffee, thee, milk, yoghurt, orange juice.

 L U N C H € p.p.

Choice of:
Tomatosoup with basilicum
Vegetable soup with fresh vegetables
Chicken soup

Served with breadsticks.
Please make a pass on your choice: there is basically only one kind of made!

Extensive Lunch Buffet

various types of bread
3 kinds of cheese
3 kinds of cold cuts meats
3 salades: salmon salade, egg-salad, chicken salad
raw vegetables
fresh fruit
various sweets
coffee, thee, milk, orange juice

Soup and sandwich lunch

First the soup will be served. Then various luxurious sandwiches with various kinds of cheese (old/young/) and various kinds of cold cuts meats (, chicken, ham), and fish (salmon, eel).
Served with fresh fruit, raw vegetables,coffee, thee, milk and orange juice

Dutch pea soup

Delicious meal-pea-soup with rye bread and baguette, butter, bacon, saucage.
Typical Dutch!

I N - B E T W E E N S / S N A C K S
Snacks Averechts

Plate with fish-snacks
- baquette with smoked salmon
- rye bread with herring
- baquette with eel
Plate 50 pieces

50.00 per plate
Dutch snacks

Two kinds of chease and sausage, pickels and olives, served with mustard.
Plate 50 pieces

42,50 per plate
Dutch bitterballen

Plate with famous dutch "bitterballen"(meat-croquets),
Plate 50 pieces

50.00 per plate
Schippersbitter with rye bread herring

A "schippersbittertje"(Dutch herbal gin) wit rye bread herring.
For the real sailors amoung us a must!
Typical Dutch!

4,95 p.p.
Nuts and

Nuts and chips

3,50 p.p.
D A Y  P A C K A G E   A V E R E C H T S € p.p.

All day taken care off!



- A coffee or thee with cake to begin with
- soup Choice of tomatosoup with basilicum, vegetable soup with    fresh vegetables or chicken soup
- luxurious sandwiches with various kinds of cheese (old, young,   brie) and cold cuts meats (osseworst, chicken, ham). Served   with fresh fruit, raw vegetables,coffee, thee, milk and orange   juice
- A "schippersbittertje"(Dutch herbal gin) wit rye bread herring.   Typical Dutch!
- Nuts and chips
The rest of the day, coffee, tea and limonade are free!

 D I N N E R € p.p.


Barbeque at its Averechts,

- 5 kinds of meat of excellent quality:  sate of the hare, Hungarian   shashlik, hamburger, sausages, chicken,
- 3 sauces: peanut sauce, garlic, coctail sauce
- Several home made salads such as Greek feta salad, salmon   salad, potatoe salad, tomato salad with fresh basil, fresh season salad, and fresh   fruit.
- brown and white french bread with herbal butter,

And we finish with coffee / tea and a delicious chocolate.

Dutch buffet - lof met ham en kaas
- spinazie met boursin
- aardappeltjes met jus
- gebakken zalm
- kipfilet
- toetje: yoghurt met rode vruchten
- koffie en thee met een koekje
Dessert € p.p
Dame blanche

Ice with chocolate sauce and cream

O T H E R S  
Special packages

Special wishes? We are looking forward to this!


This is ideal for extended trips.
Breakfast, lunch, soup and an evening meal according to the chefs fantasy!. Coffee, tea, limonade and milk. Always with fresh ingredients, fruits and vegetables. In-betweens with cakes and salty snacks.Everything good standard.

€ 39,95,- p.p.per day
D R A N K A S S O R T I M E N T nationale bar € per glass
Hot chocolate hot chocolate with creme 2,50
Soft drinks Coca Cola (regular en light), fanta, sprite, orange juice, appel juice, mineral water with/without gaz 1,80
draft beer draft beer Heineken 2.00
Wine red, white, rosé 2,50
Herbal ginn schipperbitter 2,15
Ginn dutch ginn: Jenever: jong, old, and vieux 2,15
B U Y-O U T    D R A N K € p.p.

Buy-out of beer, wine and soft drinks

Free bar, unlimited beverages, for 4 hours
any extra hour:


D R A N K international drinks  
International drinks Drink from the international bar, such as vodka, whisky, brandy, rum, liqueurs, it is not standard on the ship.Of course we gladly offer, please inform us of your wishes.  
Waiting/serving costs
Waiting/serving costs

For waiting and serving during your cruise

160,- per day (2 persons)
or 80,- (would you help a little?)

Private catering

If you wish to arrange your own catering, of course you can do. You can use the fully equipped kitchen.

According to good use, the ship's captain and the sailor will be your guests!

The ship must be cleaned properly, or you can leave the cleaning to us for € 140, -

160,- cleaning costs



All prices are including VAT

We wish you a delicious sailing trip!


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