House Rules

The following house rules define the basic rules to make your stay a pleasant stay in sophisticated atmosphere for all persons involved. These house rules have to be respected by guests and other occupants.

In case of emergency, call: 112

1.The owner/representative has the right to make inspections in your cabin during your stay if necessary.
2.. No pets allowed on the ship.
3.No overnight guests without permission
5. The renter has noticed that all huts have bunk-beds.
6. Renter is liable for all damage, injury, missing, wastage or loss to the owners property, furniture, belongings and persons staying, unregarded if this is done deliberately or by accident or misfortune. All costs concerning this have to be paid by renter immediately after happening.
7. The owner is not responsible in any way for any damage, loss or injury done to renters or guests or their belongings. The use of all facilities on the ship is strictly for everyone's own risk! The owner urges everyone to insure themselves and their luggage/belongings
8. The owner is not responsible in any way for any damage, loss or injury caused by power cut, water-leakage, transport-delays (plane, bus, train etc.), government orders, natural disaster, terrorist action and such external factors. These are no reason for (partial) restitution or any subsidy. 
9. You and your children are requested not to make overwhelmingly noise;
10.  Excessive use of alcohol is not permitted.
11. No smoking of cigarettes or wheet/pot in the ship. (You can smoke on deck).
12. Our guests have the duty to take care of the rented rooms and all other equipment and keep them in good shape.
13. By Law, the quiet hours are:     Monday-Friday:  22h00-9h00, Saturday-Sunday: 23h00-10h00
14.   In case of complaints from the neighbours due to excessive noise or an annoying behaviour from your side (or any people of the group), you will have to leave the ship immediately and without any refund of the amount already paid.
15.  Please shut the doors of your cabin and close the windows when leaving,  to prevent damage by rain, theft and burglary.
16.  Ecology, energy savings. Help us to save energy: if you leave, please make sure that all lights are turned off as well central heating.
17. Water savings. Since it is a ship, water is not self-evident. Please use the water as needed but not more than that. Please do not leave taps running etc.
18.  It's the guests duty to pay for lost keys and cover additional costs of changing lock, also in case of leaving the key inside the lock.
19.  Water closets and other water apparatus in the ship shall not be used for any purposes other than those for which they were constructed, nor shall any sweepings, rubbish, rags or any other article be thrown into the water closets. The Lessee shall pay for the costs of repairing any damage resulting from misuse of any water closets or other apparatus
20. On the day of your departure you are asked to leave the cabin  before 11  am.
21. Due to circumstances, it might be possible that the ship changes position in Amsterdam
22. Due to circumstances, it might be possible that another, similar ship will be assigned to you.

We thank you for taking notice of the house rules and wish you a pleasant stay in Amsterdam.

Down payment: after which the reservation is definitive.
Balance payment: to be paid upon arrival, or to be transferred to our bank account 14 days BEFORE arrival.
Security money:  if agreed, on arrival



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